Joan Rivers Becomes Trumps New Apprentice 2009: Cnn Shes

Joan Rivers becomes Trumps new Apprentice

(CNN) — She’s been a comedian, talk-show host and feared red carpet fashion critic.
Now you can add winner of “The Celebrity Apprentice” to Joan Rivers’ lengthy resume. Donald Trump and Joan Rivers attend “The Celebrity Apprentice” season finale Sunday in New York. After weeks of competition, the 75-year-old dynamo beat out 15 other contestants, including Dennis Rodman, Tom Green and Brian McKnight, to take the top spot in this season’s edition of the reality show hosted by Donald Trump. Rivers went up against poker champion Annie Duke in Sunday night’s finale in which both women were charged with planning a VIP party and silent auction for the last and deciding task. “They’re both tough, they’re both smart and they both hate each other,” Trump observed at the beginning of the show. The apparent tension between and Duke continued in the final boardroom, part of which played out in front of a live audience, with both finalists bickering and interrupting each other repeatedly as Trump looked on. In the end, Duke raised far more money at her event, but Rivers was able to attract more celebrities and provide a better overall experience for the guests at her party, and Trump declared her the winner of the competition.
“Your level of energy has been amazing,” he told Rivers.

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