Join The Polar Bears 2009: Jeff Fulkman

Join the Polar Bears

Jeff Fulkman is watching the weather.
In the past five years, the club has collected more than $88,000 for different charities, all born out of a group of neighbors getting together to do something to benefit their community. After a dare to jump in the freezing lake during a Christmas party one year, Jeff joined with his wife Debbie and their neighbors Kelly and Heather Pariso to raise money for a cause while doing something fun. “This is a very family-oriented thing,” said Kelly. “We’ve got almost everybody coming back from last year and we’re expecting more this year.” More than 200 people could be lined up to take a plunge from the red carpet this year, according to Jeff. Each jump is an opportunity to share in the fun by coming up with creative costumes or funny ways to hit the water. “We’re making this a real community event,” said Jeff. “We’ve got bleachers set up, and the rangers are coming to make fires for us. There will be heated changing rooms for both men and women.” Though the lake is always cold and there will be ice on the water, the actual shock of the water keeps jumpers from feeling the chill too badly, according to Kelly. But the jolt has to be exciting enough for participants, since so many keep coming back to be part of the fun and charity. Hot chocolate and food will be available by concession. One of the biggest changes from last year is additional parking and improved shuttle service, something that has been trouble for the club since it started gaining popularity.
For more information, visit the Web site or call Kelly or Heather Pariso at 330-645-0589.

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