Kite Team Tackle Sahara To Promote Green Travel 2009: Powered Adventurers

Kite team tackle Sahara to promote green travel

Four wind powered adventurers will attempt the first ever journey across the Sahara desert on kite buggies this July, in an effort to help
promote green travel and raise money for charity. According to Geoff Wilson, a vet from Australia’s Gold Coast who has previously cycled across the Egyptian Sahara and completed a year long, 25,000km oddessy on a yacht, the idea for the event was born when he challenged a friend from New Zealand to a buggy race. Dr Wilson said: “The idea is to road-test these vehicles in one of the world’s most rugged environments and also promote eco-friendly travel. As for why the Sahara Desert was chosen as the battleground – it’s simply because no one else has been stupid enough to try it.” The wind powered kite buggies can reach speeds of up to 120km an hour, and if the teams complete the challenge it will smash the current kite buggy world record distance of 1000kms. The Saharan challenge will also aim to raise funds for the Cambodian charity She Rescue Home.

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