Laurence Maroney This Is The Year 2009: Phone Interview

Laurence Maroney This is the year

During a phone interview yesterday to promote a charity event, Maroney vowed he will finally prove himself worthy this year.
While his first three seasons failed to produce the kind of success anticipated of him, he’s determined to change his course. “One thing I’d never do is doubt myself. I didn’t get here by luck,” Maroney said. “They didn’t draft me just because I had one good year. They didn’t draft me by accident. They drafted the right guy. … I want to show them they drafted the right guy. “Unfortunately, I’ve had to deal with injuries. but that doesn’t take away from my ability on the field. One thing (the critics don’t) say is, they know when I get the ball, it’s almost a home run at any given time. I’m explosive, I make big plays. I just have to stay on the field. Anybody seeing the second half of the (2007) season, the year we went 16-0, everybody’s seen what I can do. The last six games, the two playoff games, the Super Bowl, I feel like people know what I can do. I just have to be more consistent doing it.” Maroney, who has had injury issues ever since arriving in Foxboro as the 21st overall pick in the 2006 draft, played in three of the first four games last season before being placed on injured reserve with a season-ending shoulder injury. He said yesterday he feels physically sound, and has spent all of his time in Foxboro participating fully in the offseason program. Knowing patience must be running thin for him to prove what he can do on a more consistent basis, Maroney agrees he is facing a make-or-break situation. “I feel like this has to be my year. There’s no other way around it,” he said. “I just feel like I have to be better this year. … I was a first-rounder with a lot of expectations. I know how good I can be. I know my worth to the team. … This is the year I really have to prove to the fans, to the coaches, to the world I can be this running back, I can be the guy for (Bill) Belichick and the Patriots.” “Even though you don’t listen to the media, it still finds a way to get back to you,” Maroney said. “You try your hardest not to listen to it, but when you have a coach on your side, and a coach you really want to play for, you’re going to work hard to be that guy for him. Just to know he trusts you, and still has confidence in you, it makes you feel a lot better.”
In his three seasons, Maroney has gained 1,673 yards on 388 carries. His best year was 2007 (835 yards and eight touchdowns). Maybe with all the hard work he’s put in, Maroney will earn the preferred parking space awarded to the most diligent offseason worker.

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