Legends for Charity: Camp and Make a Difference

Camp under the stars at Legends for Charity and support Southern Downs ARK and RACQ Life Flight Rescue.

Have you ever thought a camping trip could make a difference? Join the Legends for Charity event at the beautiful Goomburra Valley campgrounds, where camping meets compassion.

Spend a memorable weekend under the stars, knowing every dollar you raise supports Southern Downs ARK animal rescue and RACQ Life Flight Rescue. Connect with fellow campers who share your passion for helping others and make a real impact while enjoying nature.

Discover how a simple camping trip can change lives. Learn more and get involved today.

About the camping event
The Legends for Charity event is all about helping others. In this world we are surrounded by things which distract us from that which we are. Human beings. We all need to feel loved and cared for whether that be for each other or for our environment.

The event is designed to bring a group of people together who enjoy camping and share a common interest in helping others. The event is a charity in which all monies raised from the event will be donated to the Southern Downs ARK which is an Animal Rescue service as well as RACQ Life Flight Rescue.

The event is being run at Goomburra Valley campgrounds more details of which can be found by clicking the Campground link above.

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Southern Downs ARK
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