Long London Marathon Of Major Phil Packer Who Was Told He Would 2009: Times Sunday

Long London marathon of Major Phil Packer who was told he would

The Times and Sunday Times for less Alice Miles Where am I Some hours after the starting gun begins tomorrow’s Flora London Marathon, the
majority of its 35,000 weary competitors will be dressing their blisters and relaxing in a hot bath. One man, however, will have completed less than 10 per cent of the 26.2 mile circuit. Major Phil Packer, 36, will not reach the finish line at Buckingham Palace for another fortnight, during which he plans to drag himself around the course in one of the most painstaking challenges in the event’s history. While anyone who completes the arduous course might be considered worthy of praise, Major Packer will have to overcome significantly more difficult odds than the average competitor because he begins his marathon attempt only a year after he was told that he would never walk again.
Last month Major Packer took his first unaided steps, although he will be unable to walk unaided during the marathon. He plans to use crutches to assist him to complete the course, but said that he will “drag myself around it if I have to”.

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