Lopez Works On Return Of LPGA 2009: Partly Cloudy

Lopez works on return of LPGA

Partly Cloudy The Atlanta Journal-Constitution It has been two years since the LPGA abandoned Atlanta.
For Nancy Lopez, that still hurts. “We had over 90 of the top players each year,” Lopez said. “The players were devastated, I feel, when it went away.” Which explains why Lopez would be stepping up her efforts to return a professional women’s golf tournament to metro Atlanta. Lopez was joined by fellow LPGA golfers Rosie Jones and Laura Diaz for the Grassroots Classic on Tuesday at Eagles Landing Country Club in Stockbridge. “Eagles Landing is a great venue for the LPGA,” Lopez said. “Professional golf is all about helping charity. Let’s feel good about an opportunity to come and enjoy what we have. That’s why I’m here, to bring people back.”
The LPGA event raised $7.5 million for local charities during its tenure.

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