Lost In Translation With One Just World

Lost in Translation with One Just World

Join this vibrant event of One Just World with the Melbourne Writers Festival’s ‘Big Ideas’ series. One Just World will host a cultural event in Melbourne on August 27, 2013 with “Lost in Translation? Development versus Tradition”. NGOs and many individuals will join forces in the developing world to provide assistance, support and relief to those in need. Learn about how these changes are made from this forum of knowledgeable speakers.

Rachel Nordlinger, Abel Guterres, Butet Manurung, Simon Musgrave,Stephen Pollard and Natasha Mitchell (Moderator) will discuss whether communities can gain the benefits of development while still preserving their cultural identity. They believe the introduction of formal education, new languages, foods, religions, societal structures and cash-economies can bring important changes to the cultural fabric of communities. Join them to contribute your share and be a part of these positive changes.

Event details:Melbourne, VICDate:Tuesday 27thAugust 2013Venue:Deakin Edge, Federation Square, Swanston StreetTime:6:30pm-8:00pm(entry from6:15pm)

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