Mash Direct Belfast City Half Marathon

Running to Eradicate Cancer: Join Us!

Cancer, a formidable adversary, remains one of the most significant challenges facing humanity. This devastating disease, characterized by abnormal cell growth, affects millions worldwide, causing immense suffering and loss. However, amidst the shadows, a powerful ray of hope shines bright—the collective determination to combat cancer. From groundbreaking research to innovative treatments, the tireless efforts of scientists, medical professionals, and advocates are forging a path towards a cancer-free future. Each day, the battle against this relentless foe gains strength as individuals unite in their resolve to overcome cancer’s grasp.

In this united front against cancer, organizations like Cancer Focus Northern Ireland play a vital role in making a difference. With unwavering dedication, they provide support, education, and crucial resources to those affected by cancer, bringing hope and comfort to those navigating the difficult journey.

As the fight against cancer marches on, Cancer Focus Northern Ireland is gearing up for a significant event that will further fuel their mission. The upcoming Mash Direct Belfast City Half Marathon presents a remarkable opportunity for the community to rally together, raising funds and awareness in the race towards a world where cancer’s grip is loosened, and lives are transformed for the better.

Run for us!

Will you help us be #StrongerTogether and run, walk or wheel for Cancer Focus NI at the 2023 Mash Direct Belfast City Half Marathon?

STEP 1 – Click the ‘RUN FOR CANCER FOCUS NI’ button and fill out your details so we know you are running in aid of us! Thank you!

STEP 2 – Make sure to click the ‘Book Half Marathon Place’ button – this will take you to the official website to book your place.

By taking part in the 2023 Mash Direct Belfast City Half Marathon for Cancer Focus Northern Ireland you’ll be helping reduce the impact of cancer on local people’s lives; educating the community with our range of cancer prevention programmes so that they will lessen their risk of getting cancer, funding local scientific research into the causes and treatment of cancer and campaigning for a better health policy to protect our community and its future.

How Cancer Focus NI support you! –
A Cancer Focus NI running T-shirt or Vest

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Access to our fantastic fundraising team who will help you along the way!

The Route
The 2023 race, on September 17th, will start on the Ormeau Embankment and take in the South, East, North and West of Belfast, including a new section in the East of the city. The race will use more of the greenway, instead of Sydenham Bypass, before travelling through Victoria Park and into the Titanic Quarter.

Join the race, register now, and make strides against cancer at Belfast City Half Marathon!

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