MEDIA Some Nonintellectual Property Theft 2009: Answers Fake

MEDIA Some nonintellectual property theft

Real answers to fake questions about true stuff not posed by readers whose names were changed to protect their egos: Question: Do you honestly
believe Shaquille O’Neal, master thespian and promoter of all that is him, when he says he came up with the concept of this “reality show” competing against jocks from other sports Or is he just, ahem, the “Man of Steal” — L. H. Parker, legal ambulance chaser. Answer: Are you putting forth the idea that this was someone else’s idea Kazaam. Ideally, ownership of an intellectual property is clear cut. But this being Hollywood, where public defenders only dream of becoming entertainment lawyers, here’s a future “Law Exhibit A: In February 2008, Shaq’s former Phoenix Suns teammate, Steve Nash, says he thunk this all up and told his new teammate about the idea, says the Arizona Republic. Curiously, Nash is listed as an executive producer of the current ABC series “Shaq Vs.” — the best way to avoid further litigation. It reportedly caused friction on the basketball court between the two, which didn’t play out well in the team’s performance last season, which somehow led to Shaq’s departure.
Exhibit B: A 2007 book entitled, “Andy Roddick Beat Me With a Frying Pan,” was the brainstorm of former ESPN writer Todd Gallagher. He took a basic premise: Could a pro tennis star with an agreed-upon handicap

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