MIA Wants Oprahs Help Stopping War In Sri Lanka 2009: Super Rad

MIA Wants Oprahs Help Stopping War In Sri Lanka

Super rad singer M.I.A.
knows how to make some noise! At Time magazine’s 100 Most Influential People event this week, the funky fresh female sauntered up to Oprah and asked her to help galang-a-lang-a-lang the government sanctioned bombings of civilians in her motherland, Sri Lanka. [] &mdash Oprah, help a woman out! The Sri Lankan civil war has been on-again off-again for over 25 years and M.I.A. is determined to do something about it. At the event, she also wanted to make her case to Michelle Obama, but wasn’t able to get near her thanks to all the secret service agents. After the event, M.I.A. blogged: “I WASNT SURE ABOUT MY INFLUENCE BUT……..IF I DO HAVE ANY INFLUENCE, I WISH I COULD GET THE MEDIA TO SPOTLIGHT THIS&hellipOPRAH CAN YOU DO SOMETHING BOUT THESE CAMPS PLEEEEEEEEEEASE” [] Fo reals, it’s a tall order, but somebody’s gotta do it! Luckily, M.I.A. doesn’t have to carry that weight of the world on her own. Here are four other famous females we love who are doing their part for the charities that get them worked up. You must be logged in to comment on The Frisky. Interesting article. I read in Time that egg donation might have some&hellip crustee—
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