Michael Jackson Music Charity Legacy

Michael Jackson Leaves Legacy of Music And Life Of Charity Work


Michael Jackson led a troubled life and had angry critics and devoted fans, but while memorials have flooded the internet this week after his death, it is the legacy of his music and his problems that are getting publicity, not his works of charity.
How many peoplerecall that, in his heyday, Jackson wrote a number of hugely influential songs for remarkable charity events and campaigns Gone Too Soon was in honor of pediatric AIDS victim Ryan White, We Are The World was written by Michael and Lionel Ritchie and the proceeds of the record were donated to those starving in Africa, whileall sales of Man In the Mirror went to Camp Ronald McDonald for Good Times for cancer children.
Finally, Heal The World was the flag song for the Foundation of the same name that Michael set up tohelp numerous international charity organizations combat poverty, hunger, abuse, cancer, AIDS, disease, racism and illiteracy.
Michael Jackson was a troubled man, but he leaves behind a loud legacy of music, and a quiet legacy of a life in international charity work.

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