Miles Hilton Barber

Blind pilot Miles Hilton Barber sets down


Blind Pilot Miles Hilton Barber reached the end of a 59 day flight today, becoming the first blind man to fly around half the globe, an effort even for those without sight impairments.
A helicopter hovered above him in his micro-light plane as he prepared to set down in Sydney, Australia.
Barber first took off from his home in London on March 7 earlier this year, flying over the English Channel across France, Italy, the United Arab Emirates and South East Asia to make it all the way around to the land of vegemite, crocodiles and toothy old convict smiles.
And he didn’t trek all that way just for a bit of a lark either. Miles Hilton Barber took flight to raise at least $1 million for the charity Seeing is Believing.
Miles has been blind for 25 years and will never see again. But that doesn’t stop him from gallivanting all over the world breaking and setting records, all the while helping other people get the integral surgery they need to see again.
Inspired by his also blind brother, who successfully navigated a solo sea fare from South Africa to Australia eight years ago, blind pilot Miles Hilton Barber intends to keep living life to the extremewhile supporting Seeing is Believing.

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