Miss California Vs Miss Rhode Island Is There A Double Standard 2009: Greta Van

Miss California vs Miss Rhode Island Is There a Double Standard

GRETA VAN SUSTEREN, FOX NEWS HOST: Some racy pictures of Miss California could end up costing her her crown.
But is there a double standard at play here Take a look at this picture. This is Miss Rhode Island USA posing in “Maxim” magazine before she won her crown. So why isn’t she in danger of losing her crown And what does Miss Rhode Island think about this controversy. Joining us is live is Miss Rhode Island USA, Alysha Castonguay. Nice to see you, Alysha. ALYSHA CASTONGUAY, MISS RHODE ISLAND USA: Nice to see you. Thank you for having me. I’m glad to have you here. So what you think, should Miss California lose her crown or not Absolutely not. I don’t think it’s something that she should lose her crown over if it’s just the photos. And I know there are a lot of other things that are going on right now, but for the photos, definitely not. Do you know her at all
We met briefly. We were at Miss USA for about 17 days. So we talked a few times. She’s a very nice girl.

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