Japan’s Riyo Mori, MISS UNIVERSE 2007


The MISS UNIVERSE 2007 title has officially been handed over to Japan’s Riyo Mori.
Riyo, a 20-year-old ballet dancer, has been dancing since she was 4 and still owns her first pair of ballet shoes, keeping them to serve as a reminder of her passions and aspirations.
Born in the small town of Shizuoka and raised in a nuclear family, she confesses to have lived cozily with her parents, her Granparents and her younger brother, all warm under the same roof.
Riyo has aspirations to open a Tokyo dance school, but this year her time will be spent completing her MISS UNIVERSE duties, in line with her love of traveling the world and meeting countless numbers of new and interesting people.
Her duties will be performed to support and promote the seven MISS UNIVERSE associated charities.
Unfortunately, the fashion-condemned-Bondi-looking Miss Australia didn’t get a look in to the top 15, but not as unfortunate as Miss America, who after placing in the top ten slipped and fell during the evening gown competition, but still managed to take out fourth runner-up, which, considering, was a crowning achievement.
Congratulations to all contestants for making it so far and for raising US$20 000 for the Mexican Red Cross. Special congratulations to Japan’s Riyo Miro, MISS UNIVERSE 2007.

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