Mothers Day Gifts

Mothers Day Karma Currency Gifts

Introducing Mothers Day Karma Currency Gifts.
The perfect Mothers Day gift for Mothering Mothers.
Great mothers love mothering. And it doesnt stop with you and your siblings. Oh no. They want to mother your partners and your friends. And if they could theyd like to mother every sick kid, every endangered species and every hungry family on earth. And this Mothers Day, they can.
Simply go online to and send your mum a charitable project. Theres 100s to choose. But if you have trouble choosing, you can always send her a Karma charity gift voucher where she gets to choose which charities and projects shed like to support. All donations over $2 are fully tax deductible and every dollar you donate will make a difference.
Here are some more Mothers Day suggestions:
$5 Deliver a teddy bear to a sick child (Childrens Hospital Foundation)
$12 Offset tonne carbon (Climate Positive)
$20 Produce a talking book (Vision Australia)
$36 Buy baking trays for a soup kitchen (FareShare)
$100 Sponsor a nursing scholarship (Arrow Bone Marrow Transplant)
$120 Keep 20 babies warm in an emergency (UNICEF)
$2000 Support a buddy for a year (Big Brothers Big sisters)
At you and your mum can spread the love. Theres no better gift this Mothers Day!
This post, Mothers Day Karma Currency Gifts, has been a Jolly People free advertisement for Charities.

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