Motorcycle Ride Saturday For Missing Woodstock Girl 2009: Motorcycle Ride

Motorcycle Ride Saturday For Missing Woodstock Girl

A motorcycle ride will be held on Saturday for a missing Woodstock girl.
Victoria Stafford, 8, was abducted after school on April 8 and it has now been more than three weeks since her disappearance. The case has taken many , including an offer of a reward from a mysterious benefactor. Still, volunteers and concerned residents hope to put that behind them with the charity ride. More than a hundred motorcyclists are expected to take off from the Zellers’ parking lot at 1pm and afterwards, there will be a barbecue and live music. It’s hoped that the event will keep Tori in the public eye. Details about the case have been scarce. Police have released a surveillance video that shows the young girl walking beside an unidentified woman. Tori appears to be going willingly in the last images seen of her, taken the day she was abducted. Later, police released a composite sketch of the woman. Many in the town say she looks like Tori’s mother, Tara McDonald. McDonald and Tori’s father, Rodney Stafford, have denied the accusations. In late April, officers revealed that a reward was now available. They made the announcement after McDonald said someone had contacted her privately about financial compensation.
Police are still scouring a local dump and vacant commercial properties for any sign of the youngster. So far, they apparently haven’t found a single clue.

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