MRDD Coordinator Chooses To Make Her Life A Mission Not An 2009: By Mark

MRDD coordinator chooses to make her life a mission not an

BY MARK KINSLER • Eagle-Gazette Writer • April 30, 2009 FAIRFIELD COUNTY – Cathy Varney works for people within her job, and outside it,
too. Her job title is individual support coordinator for the Fairfield County MRDD, which means that she spends her days finding ways for developmentally disabled people in the area to get along in the world – with work, school, housing, recreation and just living. It is a challenging job: Carla Everly, another individual support coordinator, said that Varney is the best ISC with the most difficult clients and always willing to help in any tough situation. Varney’s group includes some of the most challenging cases: Folks in their 20s who, generally through little fault of their own, have gotten caught up in the legal system. So involved has Varney gotten in their individual plights that she’s taken the next step and applied for admission to law school. But though Varney has her own life – she likes movies, quarter-horses, the occasional vacation and riding with her husband on the family motorcycle – MRDD Quality Assurance Director Nate Griffin said she is always ready to work in any extra-curricular activity. When the opportunity arises, “Cathy will be there first,” he said.
And so she has organized a special food bank for clients who might find themselves short of groceries or soap on a weekend. And she organizes dances and other social events for them.

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