Munch And Murder 2009: Corporate Functions

Munch and murder

Corporate functions and charity dinners can be quite boring.
A little murder to go with the dinner function may just be the thing to spice up the evening. There we were, happily going about our dinner when a scream pierced through idle chatter and the busy clinking of utensils on plates. What the heck was that What happened Did someone die Yes, someone did, in fact, “die”, but it had all been scripted as the evening’s entertainment. Mystery Murders is a new concept that is hitting Kuala Lumpur. It’s basically a themed party where a “murder” takes place amidst the revelry, and everyone participates to identify the perpetrator based on a series of clues provided by the organiser. Back to the rude interruption to our dinner. The scream we heard was of a hotel cleaner, who proceeded to inform us that she had discovered the body of a dead man in her broom cupboard. How awful! It turned out to be Peter Gordon, the husband of one of the guests. In walked Detective Ignatious Maximus Clueless, who began to process the scene… Apparently, the circumstances surrounding the death was very baffling indeed, and Detective Clueless needed our help to solve the crime. That’s when we got down to business.
We were divided into groups according to tables, and each group was given a set of 20 clues to study for 10 minutes. The set of clues then were passed on to the next group after the time was up and, all in all, we had to study five sets of clues, totalling exactly 100 clues.

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