NEU College Of Nursing Supports A Child With Autism

Supporting a Child with Autism

Autism is a serious matter that every parent is dealing with to their children. It is heart breaking to see a child being separated from others, In New Era University, the ensures that no child is left behind.

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is a developmental disability characterized by social, communication and behavioral challenges and autism can present many challenges to a childs daily life. NEU College of Nursing supports this advocacy and our position as an individual can give a perfect opportunity to help them overcome these barriers and get the most out of their education.

There is no medical test that has been proved to treat autism but there is a different helpful ways and treatments on how we can support a person with autism. Observing your childs behavior at a very young age of two can give you an insinuation if there is a problem on your childs behavior or speech. Like not pointing in objects to show interest, avoiding eye contact, having trouble understanding other peoples feelings, lose skills they once had and many more. All of these and among other things can be very painful to their loved ones and so a regular treatment and attention should be given at a young age. NEUs encouragement to support children with autism can move mountains and enlightens our ways helping and our own behavior towards a child with autism.

Below are some tips and strategies on how to support a child with autism.

Establish a routine with them and find clear comfort on a stable routine

Adjust in their changes and transitions because it is unavoidable, and it needs a lot of patience.

Communicate clearly. Even they do not pay full attention just keep it direct and simple.

Build your resilience and it takes a while. It comes with experience and a positive mentality and we should invest time and a positive approach.

Supporting a child with autism valuable and incredibly fulfilling one.

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