New Star Trek Aims To Live Long Prosper 2009: Los Angeles

New Star Trek aims to live long prosper


LOS ANGELES — On the 101 Highway in Los Angeles, people are used to flipping each other the bird.
The Vulcan double finger salute is another matter. The young Spock in “Star Trek” says that his Vulcanity overtook his humanity on the road. “I had a really hard time getting the Spock salute right,” Zachary Quinto says. “I actually had to train my fingers to be able to do the salute. So I’d rubber-band my ring and my pinkie finger together while driving around Los Angeles. I’d give the salute to fellow drivers.” This is not the way to live long and proper. The bigger question is if a popular TV franchise turned film franchise can find new life and prosper this summer at the box office. On Friday, “Star Trek” is beaming to a multiplex near you.
There’s a new Spock, a new Kirk and much less latex. This is the origin story, when Federation waistlines were slim and hormones on high alert.
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