Northop Hall Girls Football Club In Charity Shootout 2009: Girlsrsquo Football

Northop Hall Girls Football Club in charity shootout

A GIRLS’ football club from Flintshire hosted a fun event with a moving message.
Players from Northop Hall Girls’ Football Club took part in the penalty shootout event to raise awareness of the Why17 Campaign, run by the charity SANDS. The day was organised by Neil Robinson of Northop Hall Girls, and the campaign highlights the fact that 17 lives are lost a day to stillbirth or neonatal death. He said: “Once we heard that SANDS were planning a huge campaign to raise the awareness of this heartbreaking statistic, we offered our full support. “SANDS volunteers were taking a petition all the way from Bangor all the way to the Welsh Assembly, using any mode of transport they could find but not their own cars. These included a horse and cart, bikes and runners to name but a few. “Events were organised along the way, one of which was the penalty shootout. “More than 30 girls turned out and paid to take penalties. “The club raised more than &pound130 in half an hour, which was gratefully accepted by Jane Barlow, the SANDS representative.” Northop Hall Girls were joined on the day by Flintshire’s football development officer, Gareth Owen, dressed as Ogwen the dragon. He took his place in goal, conceding 17 goals in total. To find out more about SANDS or WHY17, go to or
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