Norway Charity Gambling

Norway’s charity gambling ordered to end

Reports suggest that charity gambling in Norway has been ordered to an end by government officials, in an attempt to tacklean explosion of gambling addiction.
Charities, such as the Red Cross and the Norwegian Cancer Society, will have to find other ways to fund raise when gambling is taken over by the Norwegian state government, who have declared a monopoly on all slot machines, and have given volunteer groups, humanitarian organizations and sporting clubs until July 1 to remove their machines from the state’s bars, supermarkets, airports, gas stations and other locations.
The amount and the placement of machines has become too much and the resulting negative effects of gambling on the public seems to have gotten out of control.
Approximately 71 000 Norwegians, or 1.5 percent of the population, are addicted to gambling and 133 000 are considered to be at risk of becoming addicted, with the average gambling addict spending 5 000 euros per year on the habit.
This strangely enough seemed to be helping charities, in 2005 representing a third of the Norwegian Cancer Societys revenue, and more than half the revenue of the Red Cross.
But, because the charities are aware of moral implications they have agreed to cooperate with government, bringing Norways charity gambling to an official end. However charities like the Red Cross and the Norwegian Cancer Society will still share in a portion of the now government’s gambling profits.

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