Online Book Retailer Donates Profits To Charity.

Online Book Retailer Takes On Amazon Charity

Dr Jane Cherrington has set up an online bookstore which donates all its profits to charity.
Good Books NZ is an online bookstore that donates all profits to the charity Oxfam for projects in the Pacific, Asia and Africa.
It has a similar selection of books and pricing as online giant
“I’ve suggested Bono be a spokesman for us.
“Our long-term, and very ambitious goal, is to take on Amazon for Oxfam. And that’s essentially what we are. We are an Amazon with a social conscience.”
“My vision is to make buying responsibly part of the structure of the marketplace and using the fast-growing internet book market to do this and profit communities in need.”
“I would like to use [the business] as a platform to participate in ways of transforming the system from within. When I was younger I wanted to close the system down and now I’ve realised … you can work within it. If it becomes the norm to structure in a form of giving back to the community at every sale, that’s fantastic.”

Dr Cherrington, has a PhD in psychology and is the former CEO of the Mental Health Foundation

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