Open Bar Art Community Fundraising Event This Sunday Aug 16 At 2009: Going Open

Open bar art community fundraising event this Sunday Aug 16 at

There is going to be an open bar, art, community event in Golden Gate Park this Sunday, August 16th at noon.
There will be wine and beer, some food, and a bunch of fun people playing soccer or Frisbee looking at art making new friends and supporting a charity called the International Green Shield ( /) . International Green Shield’s vision is to reduce the fear and destruction caused by natural disasters, by strengthening homes and schools before the disaster hits, in order to keep them standing during the storm. International Green Shield is all about prevention they are all about saving lives through sustainability. International Green Shield want as many people as possible come and join them, which means you! Golden Gate Park is big, so know everyone will be at the section on the corner of 25th and Martin Luther King Avenue. International Green Shield will have the only picnic area in that neighborhood, so you can’t miss them. They will be raffling off some cases of wine and beer, plus a raffle for $100 cash. They ask you bring a $10 for the drinks and another $10 for your raffle ticket. All the money goes directly to the charity, nowhere else. If you can pass this on to as many people as you know, that would be a great help! For more about the event:

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