Oprah The Big Give

Oprah Produces The Big Give

We all know the altruistic nature of Oprah Winfrey, even if sometimes it does go astray, so it’s no surprise really to learn that she’s already had an open casting call, and is currently in production on a new reality TV show, The Big Give.
The Big Give, with keen interest and support from fellow philanthropists Jamie Olivier and Jennifer Aniston who are reportedly featuring in the episodes, will follow 10 people as they endeavour to use allocated money and resources to find sensational new ways to spend it on others in need.

As with all reality TV shows, there will be weekly eliminations and eventually one contestant will rise above the pack to enjoy victory and fifteen minutes of fame (which for most reality TV stars seems to have turned into about fifteen weeks).
Co-creator team Bertram van Munster and Elise Doganieri will serve as executive producers on the show, their first since creating the four time Emmy Award winnning The Amazing Race, so The Big Give is set to be an adventurous venture and most likely a successful one.
Oprah’s new reality TV show, The Big Give will benefit numerous charities, and will also hopefully inspire the general public to find their altruistic disposition.

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