Paul McCartney Independence Concert

Paul McCartney to Play Independence Concert

It’s straight back in the saddle for Sir Paul McCartney, after settling his extremely public personal affairs, he’ll get back to doing what he does best, he’ll perform for charity in Ukraine at the Independence Concert next month.
The concert, to be played for the Victor Pinchuk Foundation, will ‘allow people of different ethnicities and religions, political preferences and geopolitical orientations to come together around the ideas of peace, love and unity the very ideas that Paul McCartney with The Beatles helped bring into the World’.
The legendary musician will play the free special event which will be broadcast live on Novy TV.
‘I’m very excited because on the 14th of June I’ve been invited to play a concert in Independence Square, Kiev’, Sir Paul remarked about the booking.
The Paul McCartney Independence Concert for the Victor Pinchuk Foundation is on June 14.

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