Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office In Helping Taal Victims

PCSO to use lotto funds for Taal Victims

Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office (PCSO) board member are encouraging the public to patronize lotto games to accumulate funds to aid the victims of the eruption of Taal Vocano in Batangas.

According to Director Sandra Cam, PCSO board member, the funds will be used to help the evacuees to start a small business as well as rebuilding their homes. She explained that, under the PCSO Charter, 30% of the agencys revenues will go directly to PCSOs Charity Fund.

Through this simple gesture, you can help the families affected by the eruption. Lets show our love to them by buying lotto tickets. Imagine, you already helped and at the same time you got a chance of becoming a lotto millionaire, Cam added.

In every P1, P30 cents go to our Charity Fund. This will help our countrymen affected by Taals eruption to rise again, she said.

PCSO already donated 5,000 N95 respiratory masks, 3,300 worth of grocery packs and medicines to evacuation sites in Batangas.

PCSO General Manager Royina Marzan-Garma said PCSO is now preparing financial assistance for the local government units affected by the eruption.

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