Philippines Need Help

Organizations that helps Philippines continues to accept donations

Typhoon Haiyan slammed into the island nation of the Philippines with high winds, storm surge and heavy rains. Up to 10,000 people were killed and left thousands more homeless for this traumatic experience. Everyday people cry for help and thinking how are they going to survive and live with hope.

Aside from many nations, there are numerous organizations who are continually accepts donations for the Philippines. They are aware that thousands of desperate typhoon survivors left homeless and in need of food. As for cash donations, it is a big help for Philippines in Visayas region to recover easily in building back their home and back to normal life.

Philippines need help, and it is not too late to share. Below are some organizations that reach out help to the Filipino people. These are just some of the many possible ways we can give our love and support to the Philippines.

Samaritan Purse

Doctors Without Boarders


Ateneo University De Manila


National Alliance for Fiilipino Concerns

World Vision

Save The Children

Citezens Disaster Response Center

Brigada Kalikasa

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