Polo Club Hosting International Event Seeks Local Appeal 2009: Nonprofits Known

Polo Club hosting international event seeks local appeal

Nonprofits It is known as the "sport of kings," but representatives at Capitol Polo Club in Poolesville want to give the international pastime a
fan-friendly appeal. When the club hosts the prestigious America's Polo Cup on Friday and Saturday, the goal is for spectators to appreciate its new-and-improved motto: The king of sports. Described on the event's Web site as "The world's largest and most prestigious polo experience celebrating America's freedom," the tournament will feature glitz and glamour rivaling any sports gala in the world: Cocktail parties, fireworks, musical performances and televised fashion shows. But the Capitol Polo Club feels that, contrary to popular opinion, its sport can appeal to anyone. "The message that's really important to bring across is that polo is available to anyone," said CPC manager Marcos Bignoli. "We have doctors, lawyers, veterinarians, accountants, Red Cross, military. &hellip Everything from billionaires to people who make about 50 grand a year. It's available to anyone who wants to start. It's a great sport, and away from the publicity, I want people to know that polo is available, that polo is affordable." According to the United States Polo Association, over 400 Americans currently hold polo memberships. The CPC has 40, making it one of the most active clubs in the country. It breeds over 70 horses, to which members have daily access. Just as significantly, the club runs a polo school year-round, offering riding lessons to amateurs interesting in learning the sport. Club president Robert T. Do certainly wasn't a king when he picked up his first polo mallet. A Rockville High graduate with degrees from the University of Maryland and Georgetown, Do was a hometown kid through and through.
He fell in love with the sport 20 years ago, because "it brings so many aspects of sports together."

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