Pontesbury Potter 2024

Join for compassion: Pontesbury Potter 2024, a journey of support!

Incurable illnesses, despite medical advancements, present formidable challenges to individuals and their families. These conditions, often characterized by relentless progression and limited treatment options, place an emotional and physical burden on those affected. The importance of addressing this issue lies in the pursuit of compassionate care, support for affected individuals, and ongoing research endeavors aimed at enhancing palliative measures. Acknowledging the impact of incurable illnesses is vital in fostering empathy, understanding, and a collective commitment to alleviating the burdens faced by those enduring these challenging health circumstances.

Recognizing the profound impact of incurable illnesses, organizations like Severn Hospice have emerged as pillars of support. Committed to providing compassionate care and comfort to individuals facing life-limiting conditions, Severn Hospice focuses on enhancing the quality of life for patients and their families. Through a holistic approach that combines medical expertise with emotional support, the charity plays a crucial role in alleviating the challenges posed by incurable illnesses, offering solace and dignity during difficult times.

In line with their dedication to compassionate care, Severn Hospice is preparing for a significant fundraising initiative. The forthcoming Pontesbury Potter on March 16, 2024, offers an opportunity for individuals to actively contribute to the organization’s mission of supporting those facing life-limiting illnesses. The Pontesbury Potter stands as a testament to their commitment, inviting participants to unite in a shared effort to raise funds and awareness for the compassionate care provided by Severn Hospice.

About the event
Pontesbury Potter is back! Brush off your walking boots and level up your orienteering skills by taking part in one of our most popular fundraising events.

Perfect for fell runners, ramblers and walkers, our sponsored 13-mile walk will help raise vital funds towards our hospice care.

With slippery slopes, rocky paths, steep climbs, this event is far from a ‘potter’, and we encourage enthusiasts to get involved and sign-up. Children aged 12 – 16 can take part and must be accompanied by an adult.

All participants will set off from Mary Webb School in Pontesbury by 8.45am and should return by 5pm – there’s a twist… you won’t find out the route ‘till the day itself!
Fancy it? Sign up today and be part of the 2024 Potter Pack.

Support compassionate care. Register for dignity in challenging health circumstances.

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