Poverty Reviewed In A Major LSE Photography Exhibition And Event 2009: Financial Major

Poverty reviewed in a major LSE photography exhibition and event

The FINANCIAL — A major new photographic exhibition and public events series exploring poverty and its portrayal in five global cities is being launched
at the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE), providing an important new perspective and challenging perceptions of ‘the poor’. Five photographers have been selected from an international open competition to discover artists with innovative approaches and a willingness to deconstruct their interpretations of poverty in London, Mumbai, New York, Istanbul and Shanghai. “The exhibition, Viewing Restricted: [re]presenting poverty, is accompanied by a public event series at LSE that will investigate changing ways of picturing the world and the implications for NGOs, policy makers, artists, the media, and ‘poor people’ themselves. The series launches on 6 May with a public lecture entitled How the ‘Poor’ Become ‘Poor’ – Debating Global Civil Society and Constructions of Poverty,” LSE reported.
‘If images present a narrow, stereotypical view, or do not tell the “whole storyâ€, then what implications does that have for our understanding of other people’s experiences, for aid agency and government policies, and the issues surrounding complex process such as poverty’ questioned Dr Seckinelgin.

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