Princess Diana Charity Concert Tribute

Princes’ hopes for Charity Concert tribute to Princess Diana


The two princes, Harry and William hope that a charity concert in tribute to their late mother, Princess Diana, will soften the voices of her critics and remind people of all the good she gave to the world.
The boys’ sentiments were made public just after the new book, The Diana Chronicles, detailing Diana’s life examined through the eyes of Tina Brown, hit the shelves.
The concert, that was organized in 2006, will feature some of the princess’s favorite rock and pop stars, including the ever eccentric Sir Elton John and the extremely denim clad Duran Duran. Acts will perform at the huge charity tribute event being held just weeks before the 10th anniversary of Diana’s tragic death.
The princes feel that Diana’s legacy has been lost somewhat through all the gossip and media hoopla, and they want to re-emphasize the altruistic nature of their Royal mother.
In an interview with BBC, Prince William said he hoped it was the kind of event his mother would ‘absolutely adore’.
After 10 years, there’s been a rumbling of people bringing up the bad and over time people seem to forget, or have forgotten, all the amazing things she did and what an amazing person she was.

Prince Harry and William’s Princess Diana Charity Concert Tribute is on July 1 at Wembley Stadium.

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