Putting A Spring In Their Stick Lsquonrsquo Step 2009: Parents Children

Putting a spring in their stick lsquonrsquo step

PARENTS of children with cerebral palsy are finding life a little more comfortable thanks to a donation of &pound2,000 from Southport’s Yorkshire Building Society.
Yorkshire Building Society’s Charitable Foundation donated the money to Stick ‘n’ Step which provided new furniture for the charity’s parents’ lounge. The charity was nominated for support by Helen Tomlinson, manager at the Southport branch. Helen was introduced to Stick ‘n’ Step at a charity event and was impressed with the work that the charity does in and around Southport. SHOPPING centre security guards joined together with members of the public to raise hundreds of pounds for a Southport charity. Taking a LookBack on Southport through the ages. If you recognise any faces or are familiar with any of the places, share your memories right here.
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