Racing Ahead 2009: The Sun

Racing ahead

THE sun always seems to shine on Ladies Day at Chester Races.
I’ve covered the event for the past four years now and I’ve yet to see the rain yet. It means all those fashionable fillies can really go to town with their outfits, and this year it was all about flirty summer dresses and racy hemlines. But it was a big group of fellas causing the biggest stir on the racecourse this year – namely the Manchester United team. They took a private box on the course for a bit of team-building ahead of a crunch few weeks of games ahead of the Premier League finish and of course that Champions League final. As they watched the races from their balcony, ladies were clamouring to get pictures of the Reds, blowing kisses and screaming “give us a wave”. Alas, the lads seemed far too engrossed in their own conversations to notice them. But at least they gave it a try. Here’s some of our pics from the day. You couldn’t fail to spot Big Brother lovebirds Mario Marconi and Lisa Appleton (below) in the crowds. Lisa opted for an eye-popping blue and gold catsuit for the races while Mario made a statement in hot pink. The pair had good reason to head to the races, as they had a horse racing for charity in one race – rather aptly called Bebenine (after BB9, the series they were in). Sadly, their horse didn’t win, but they did have a whale of a time all the same.

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