Radio 1 DJ Walks For Breast Charity 2009: Feeling Doing

Radio 1 DJ walks for breast charity

How are you feeling about doing the MoonWalk I’m feeling terrified about the MoonWalk and I’m not even doing the full 26 miles (41.8km).
I’m starting off with a little baby half marathon. So I’m doing the half MoonWalk from midnight on Saturday. 13 miles (20.9km) and good luck people. Here we go. I’m really excited about it. I didn’t really give it a lot of thought before agreeing to do it. I’d wanted to do the MoonWalk for the past few years and never got round to it and the lovely people at Walk The Walk asked me if I’d do it. And I thought, ‘Well. There’s no excuse now. They’ve asked me. There’s a space for me’. I roped in my friend Rosie, who’s equally as unfit as me and we’ve trained by, well we sort of went for a stroll with our babies in the buggies, stopped off for a cappuccino and a gossip and that was it. We were like, ‘Brilliant’. But we did a bigger walk last week and I think we did about 12 miles (19.3km). So I think we should hopefully be able to crack 13 miles on the night, what with the atmosphere and everything. The big thing about this walk is the bras. Have you decorated yours Do you know what you’re going to do with yours I’ve not yet decorated my bra and I’ve got to also work out some way of creating some sort of illusion to sort of cover up my stomach area, basically, ‘cos I ain’t baring my midriff. So I’ve got to, possibly today, go and try and find some fabric that I can stick to the bottom of the bra and some sequins and, I don’t know, I might just sort of dip the bra in some glue and leave it to collect dust and animal hair and bits of biscuits and stuff around the house and bits of debris. So I don’t know what I’m going to do with it yet.
Are you excited about it though It always looks like it’s good fun looking at the photos.

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