Rat Race

Rat Race Urban Adventure

Do it for Oxfam 50% off the registration fee
The Rat Race is an exciting physical and mental urban adventure challenge. Back for the second year in Melbourne and the first time in Perth, teams of three run, ride, kayak, climb, navigate and abseil across a course thats only revealed to them hours before they begin.
Do it for Oxfam 50% off the registration fee
Oxfam Australia is the National Series Charity of the Rat Race and can offer 50% off the registration fee. This fee will give you a free race t-shirt, goody bag, use of the Oxfam marquee to store your bags and much, much more.
Cities and Dates
Perth 7-8 November (registrations now open!)
Melbourne 28-29 November
Use your mouse to get a flying start in the Rat Race and email us to be sent a unique code to register online.
For more information and a pack visit our website or call 1800 034 034.

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