Real Housewives Steps And Repeats 2009: Unlike Novels

Real Housewives Steps and Repeats

Unlike the novels of Jane Austen or the works of the great filmmaker Michael Patrick King, the story of The Real Housewives of New
York City did not end neatly. This is not to say that there was not closure. At the charity event that marked the end of the episode, everyone in the cast seemed genuinely happy and at peace. Jill was exultant at having pulled off the charity event in a recession at a profit, and was looking forward to a cameraless vacation during which she would eat all the French fries she wanted. LuAnn was blissfully distributing dating advice and seduction tips to anyone who would listen. Ramona, fueled by Pinot Grigio, finally got up the gumption to twirl her crush, Simon, around the dance floor while his wife, Alex, looked on smugly, her face, as usual, suggesting that she was in the midst of a vigorous and satisfying session of Kegels. Even Bethenny and Kelly managed to stand next to each other and clink Champagne glasses to good health and cheer, without rolling their eyes or getting into a long, head-bending fight. But the scrolling text that appeared beside them, which apprised us of their post-filming statuses (one of which has already changed), was a stark reminder to us that these women’s stories, unlike the other girlish romances we’ve enjoyed, will continue on. Their lives will all eventually get messy, as they face human events like heartbreak, illness, and death. This is not just reality television. This is life. Intense. However, we can provide a happy ending in one respect. We have declared a winner of the season! First, a review of all of the players: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo:

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