Revealed The Truth About Legal Speed Dating 2009: Corinne Circle

Revealed the truth about legal speed dating

Corinne: the circle of love He leans over and I brace myself for an ear bashing.
“You should have told me. Journalists are much sexier than lawyers&hellip” he says. Really So much for pretending to be from the magic circle. (Names and details have been changed to protect their identity and save their love lives). Ben: size matters The legal profession is one of the sexiest around. Read that sentence again, let it sink in. Yes, it might seem counter-intuitive that people who do a job that involves mostly paperwork are incredibly desirable but we managed to prove it. So congratulations to you all. Along with fellow reporter Corinne McPartland, my plan was to test the theory that girls like magic circle lawyers because of all the top status they enjoy. But it descended into farce.
There were more than 60 people there mostly lawyers but not all, with a waiting list of another 15. So there must be a demand for legal lovers.

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