Rihanna Attends Charity Event For 6YearOld Cancer Patient 2009: 8 2009

Rihanna Attends Charity Event For 6YearOld Cancer Patient

May 8 2009 11:59 AM EDT has been seen all around New York this week, and on Thursday night, she attended the DKMS Gala
at Cipriani. She was there to support 6-year-old Isabelle Huurman, the best friend of leukemia patient Jasmina Anema, who is in need of a bone marrow transplant. in the hospital in the past, and this is the latest step she’s taken to help the young girl find a donor. “I am so honored to be here to present the ‘Links of Love’ award to Isabelle for all she has done for her best friend,” Rihanna told the audience at the gala, reports . “Thank you, Isabelle. Isabelle has spent time with Jasmina, and you’re right &mdash she is awesome and absolutely worth fighting for. I also have to say she is lucky to have you. You’re an incredible best friend. And best friends are very, very, very important, the kind that we all would be lucky to have. You rock, Isabelle! Come up here!” In addition to Rihanna, Oscar-nominated actress Amy Ryan and Kylie Minogue were in attendance. Minogue told the Web site, “I just passed [Rihanna]. She looked fantastic!” When asked by reporters how she was feeling, Rihanna said, “You tell me!” Rihanna at the DKMS gala on Thursday
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