Robbie Williams Give It Sum

Robbie Williams donates to Give It Sum

Robbie Williams has donated 1.5 million to the Robbie Williams Comic Relief Give It Sum Fund.
Not a very strange or news worthy fact it would seem, that the person who the charity is named after should give money to the actual charity, but Robbie has really done some hard work and made sacrifices to raise funds for thedonation.
He managed to collect funds by selling off his own career memorabilia some platinum discs and hand-written lyrics. The lyrics he had penned for his number one hit, Angels, sold for 27 000 alone, accumulating agoodchunk of the donation.
Robbie Williams, a UNICEF UK Ambassador, currently lives in Los Angeles in the US, but decidedly never turned his back on his roots.
He founded the charity, the Robbie Williams Give It Sum Fund, in 2000, and working in partnership with Comic Relief, the charity is open to a broad range of London self-help projects, community groups and voluntary organisations.
The charity’s main aim is to support local people in finding solutions for local problems.
Robbie’s latest donation means he has donated a total of 3m to his hometown charity, making the initial donation of 1.5 million to set up the organisation.
The 33 year-old living legend, Robbie Williams,remains humble about donating to and supporting the Comic Relief &Robbie Williams Give It Sum charity stating, ‘I’m glad that the little help that I give can do great things.’

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