Roberta Williams Charity

Roberta Williams Charity Appearance In Doubt

Roberta Williams has been in the headlines this week after appearing bikini clad in a men’s magazine, and was also set to speak at a charity event for the Foundation of Public Safety Professionals, but organisers are now doubtful she will attend.
The gangland wife was to speak about public safety, but with all the media attention she is undergoing undue stress and expressed concerns about her ability to travel.
‘I am losing my voice. If I don’t get better I won’t be coming up to talk on Friday because of this,’ she said.
A short time ago Williams was to speak at a charity event in Tasmania but organisers had trouble finding a charity recipient because of her notoriety.
Roberta Williams seems to be making the most of her time in the spotlight, but is yet to prove she can rustle up the integrity to fulfill her charity commitments.

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