Rock N Roll Kickstarts Weekend Of Prom Festivities At Dowling 2009: Fullfledged Bands

Rock n roll kickstarts weekend of prom festivities at Dowling

From full-fledged rock bands performing original songs to cover bands, the event brings a good mix of genres and a chance for the student
body to celebrate a last school event with seniors. “This is not a competition,” said Dowling activities director, Jeff Ferguson. “The bands do it to highlight their talent and help raise money for the charity of their choice.” While a charity has not been selected for this year’s fundraiser, previous DowlingPalooza admission fees have supported charities such as the Des Moines Area Religious Council Food Pantry, juvenile diabetes and the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.
“This event really has two purposes. Everything we do at Dowling focuses on ways to better our community, and that’s why this includes a charity component. The other goal is to highlight the idea that there is talent at Dowling,” Trout said. Senior John Quiner, 18, is the vocal and piano man for his five-member band, Eclipse. The band will cover a handful of songs and genres from Led Zeppelin to those with a reggae twist. “We are the opening act and, of course, there is a little pressure. We’re nervous because we’ve never played in front of an audience before … we’ve all just jammed together. But it’s really exciting,” said Quiner, who lives in Beaverdale.

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