Roller Girls Pirate City Rollers

Roller Girls Pirate City Rollers for Charity

The charity auction to buy season tickets to see the Pirate City Rollers Roller Girls, supporting the Auckland City Mission Winter Appeal will end today.
The season tickets come with a couple of t-shirts, some autographed, VIP service at the games and a chance to roll around with the Pirates, for the winning bidder and 10 friends.
Roller Derby involves teams of about 13, lapping a roller skating rink, in old school skates, while preventing other teams from doing the same.
The auction lot is part of a huge auction for Auckland Winter Mission, with celebrity lots up for grabs including breakfast with Temuera Morrison (Star Wars), and a chance to co-host The Seen with Anna Fitzpatrick.
The Roller Girls Pirate City Rollers season tickets and other items for charity are available on Trade Me.

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