ROSY Walk: Bringing Joy to Young Lives

Unite with ROSY to bring comfort and joy to Oxfordshire’s sick youngsters.

In our communities, countless young souls face health battles, struggling against illnesses that disrupt their childhood joys. The urgency to support these brave youngsters and ensure they receive the care they deserve is paramount. Together, we can create a nurturing environment where every sick child finds solace, hope, and the opportunity to thrive, turning their challenges into triumphs. Join us in shaping a healthier, brighter future for these resilient young hearts.

In pursuit of this compassionate mission, Oxford Health Charity stands at the forefront, championing the cause of sick youngsters. Devoted to enhancing healthcare experiences for these resilient children, the charity works tirelessly to create environments that promote healing and growth. Through your support, we can amplify the positive impact on the lives of these youngsters, ensuring a brighter and healthier future for them.

Embark on a meaningful journey with ROSY (Respite for Oxfordshire’s Sick Youngsters) Walk, an event dedicated to providing respite for Oxfordshire’s sick youngsters. Lace up your shoes for a day of community, compassion, and support. Below are the details, offering an opportunity to make a significant difference in the lives of these young warriors.

We are excited to say that the ROSY Great Estates Walk 2024 will be taking place on 20 April and, for the first time, will be a joint fundraising event with St Luke’s Hospital Oxford.
The Great Estates Walk has been organised for many years by Tania Evans, a patron of the ROSY Appeal. Starting at Wilcote Manor first thing in the morning, the walk takes place over 26 miles of Oxfordshire countryside, including beautiful Cornbury, Pudlicote, Ditchley and Blenheim. There will be breaks along the way to add some coffee and cake into the challenge too!

Join us in making a difference for Oxfordshire’s sick youngsters. Register now for the ROSY Walk and be part of this impactful journey of support and compassion.

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Oxford Health Charity
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Wilcote Manor, OX7 3EB
United Kingdom
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