Run for the Young Marathon 2023

Step Up, Stand Strong, Spark Change: Be a Catalyst for Youth Dreams!

Disadvantaged youth are young people who face challenging circumstances that can make it harder for them to succeed. These challenges might include things like not having enough money, living in neighborhoods with few resources, or facing difficult family situations. Because of these obstacles, these young individuals might have a tougher time getting a good education, finding a job, or reaching their goals. It’s important for communities and organizations to provide support and opportunities for these youth, so they can have a better chance at a bright future.

This is where BridgeBuilders Youth Charity steps in. They are dedicated to helping disadvantaged youth overcome these challenges by offering programs and resources that empower them to build a better future. Through their initiatives, BridgeBuilders aims to bridge the gap and create pathways for these young individuals to achieve their potential and lead successful lives.

To further their mission, BridgeBuilders Youth Charity is gearing up for an exciting event, “Run For The Young 2023.” This upcoming fundraising event not only promises a fun and active way for everyone to participate but also provides an opportunity for the community to come together and contribute towards creating brighter opportunities for disadvantaged youth.

Run for the Young is a local community event, hosted by Bridge Builders Youth Charity. 100% of the proceeds goes toward supporting youth programs!

We had some great feedback from our 2023 race, and as a result we have changed the start times for all races. Please see NEW race start times below.

7am – 42.2km Marathon (including Marathon Newbie)
7:30am – 21.1km Half Marathon
8am – 10km Event

10am – 5km Event
11am – 2.5km Kids Run

Event Details
Date: Sunday 26th November 2023
Venue: Mount Lilydale Mercy College – 120 Anderson Street, Lilydale, Victoria. (This is a new location for our 2023 event)
Time: Race begins at 7am and concludes approximately 1:30pm. Registration will be open from 5:30am.

Entrants will be able to register to participate in all categories up to Saturday the 25th of November at midday. Any entries on or after the 25th will be considered an on the day registration and please note that race bibs are limited.

Empower disadvantaged youth. Join “Run For The Young 2023” for brighter futures. Sign up now!s

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Bridgebuilders Youth Charity
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