Run The Tan 2024: Join the Movement for Mental Health

Empower Minds, Transform Lives: Be Part of Run The Tan 2024

In our daily lives, many face challenges with mental health. It’s crucial to find ways to help and support each other. Solutions can be simple acts of kindness, a listening ear, or seeking professional guidance. By addressing mental health openly, we contribute to a healthier and more understanding community.

Run for Mental Health champions mental well-being through accessible activities. They provide simple yet effective tools, like community runs and supportive networks, to boost mental health. Their initiatives encourage everyone to engage in activities that uplift their spirits and create a positive impact. Joining Run for Mental Health is an easy way to take a step towards better mental well-being.

Run The Tan 2024 is a vibrant event to promote mental health awareness. Participants can enjoy a scenic run while fostering a sense of community and well-being. Here are the details for those ready to lace up and support a mentally healthier world.

Registrations are now open!
Registrations are now open for the RUN THE TAN 2024 annual showcase charity event presented by Liberty, which will be held at the iconic Tan Track in Melbourne on Sunday 21 April 2024.


A must-do event for elite athletes, recreation runners, families, schools, and spectators alike. The course takes in Australia’s most iconic running track, The Tan, surrounding the Royal Botanic Gardens.

The Run the Tan annual showcase event is one of the most exciting and engaging out-of-stadia community fun runs in Australia. It’s where we bring the sport of athletics to the people! There’s something for everyone, whether you are an elite athlete, experienced recreational runner, weekend warrior, beginner, or walker.

It’s one of the only events where you can get an “official” time around the famous 3.8km tan track. What’s your PB and will you be setting any new personal records?

The event is used to raise awareness of the benefits that running and exercise have on mental health and well-being, and will be raising much-needed funds to support local mental health charities in Australia.

Register to be a part of Run The Tan 2024, promoting mental health and supporting a cause that truly makes a difference in people’s lives.

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Run for Mental Health
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Royal Botanic Gardens
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