Scrapbooks Better Than Facebook For Preserving Memories 2009: Keeping Scrapbook

Scrapbooks better than Facebook for preserving memories

KEEPING a scrapbook may seem a little quaint and unnecessary in these days of people instantly posting pictures of themselves on the internet.
But as quick as online phenomena like Facebook and Bebo have spread, they could fade from fashion just as quickly. Which is why a Portishead woman is promoting scrapbooking as a timeless means of preserving valuable memories. Sam Cox has been working as a creative memories consultant since November 2007. She held an event at Redcliffe Bay Hall on Sunday to mark National Scrapbooking Day. She said: “This was my second national scrapbooking event as I did my first one in May 2008. “It was great as people of all ages came together sharing one common interest preserving their memories for the future.”
She said more than 20 people attended and they all had fun completing their own pages and reliving their precious memories.

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