Seedaneedcom Has Been Doing Good Deeds And Cards Are Showing Up 2009: 8 2009

Seedaneedcom has Been Doing Good Deeds and Cards are Showing Up

() May 8, 2009 — was launched the first week in April and has already seen huge success.
After there first week of touring the St Louis Missouri area they have had no problem in getting the word out. Since the launch the "Good Deeds” organization has distributed 10,000 free good deeds cards. Not only have they distributed all the cards they have also done many good deeds themselves in the local area. They are eagerly looking to partner with churches, schools, and companies to do a good deeds event in there areas around the nation. They have currently hosted 7 events. "The next big event in our crosshairs is Paintball for a Cause. We are teaming up with paintball fields to do amateur tournaments and raise money for non-profits.” Said Eddie Struckman the founder of the site . The first Paintball for a Cause event is being hosted at Riversplat Paintball in the St Louis area. They are going to be raising money for Autism Speaks. "We are really looking to do this more in other areas around the Nation” said Struckman "It is our desire with for good deeds to be an everyday actions in everyone's life.” Said Struckman About SeedaNeed:
It doesn't matter how big or how small your act of kindness is, it could be the start of a string of good deeds that could eventually touch the lives of millions of other people. So get a card, think of a deed and go out and SeedaNeed!

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