Smoking Charity Demands Change In Perceptions 2009: Ash Scotland

Smoking charity demands change in perceptions

Ash Scotland want more to be done to stop the promotion of smoking to young people.
Smoking kills six times more Scots than accidents, homicides, suicides, falls and poisoning combined. That is the claim of anti-smoking group Ash Scotland, who state the thousands of smokers who die in Scotland every year are “the silent victims of a major health epidemic”. Chief executive Sheila Duffy will tell the Royal Environmental Health Institute of Scotland’s Annual Conference in Ayrshire on Friday that: “If someone is killed in a road accident, murdered, takes their own life or dies as a result of poisoning, it’s a newsworthy event. People take notice. Ms Duffy will also accuse tobacco firms of “fighting tooth and nail” to stop politicians from legislating against advertising which gets youngsters addicted to cigarettes. She added: “We know that children and young people are more likely to smoke the most heavily marketed brands of cigarettes and they attempt to buy cigarettes in shops where tobacco is most visible. The links provided allow you to bookmark this page into your favourite social media website. For users with JavaScript disabled copy and paste the URL from the address bar into your chosen social bookmarking site. You sell yourself, we’ll find the jobs.
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